10 Aug BUSINESS REVIEW CANADA: Exceedra Listed as Corby Spirit & Wine’s IBP Solution

Exceedra have been listed in Business Review Canada’s feature on Corby Spirit & Wine as their Integrated Business Planning solutions partner.  In the article, Antonio Sanchez, VP & CFO, discussed why and how Corby Spirit & Wine has transformed its business operations and the positive effects this has had on the business as a whole.

The first step was very simple; management teams agreeing to make time for strategy as opposed to just dealing with the day-to-day. After assessing the business’ core competencies, they looked at the gaps and were able to define a strategy moving forward.

Corby identified that internal collaboration is a key driver for success, whether that be collaboration between Sales and Marketing to make campaigns more impactful or collaboration between Finance and Sales to provide the most insightful decision support.

Its all about collaboration and breaking the silos.

The next step for Corby was to maximize their potential and build on their position as the second largest player in the Canadian spirits market. Through its affiliation with Pernod Ricard, Corby manages one of the largest distilleries in North America.

There is no single standalone formula for success, and Corby recognize there are a number of enablers and working practices which have to go along with it. One of those practices is to have collaborative and integrated business planning.  Corby selected Clarkston Consulting and Exceedra to help them achieve this.

Corby have upgraded their marketing capabilities, added a consumer insights group, shopper insights group, an innovation group, digital marketing expertise and implemented segmentation tools. They are currently implementing a promotional effectiveness tool: Exceedra.

What Exceedra has given us, is the ability to measure return on investment on these promotional efforts so we are able to choose the most profitable ones and eliminate any that dont work as well. We are also able to become more accurate in our sales forecasts which leads to better cash management.Antonio Sanchez, VP & CFO Corby Spirit & Wine.

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