30 May CORBY WINE & SPIRITS: Selects Exceedra’s IBP Solution

Corby Wine & Spirits Limited Selects Exceedra as their Integrated Business Planning & TPM Solution Partner

Corby Wine & Spirits Limited has selected the Exceedra Integrated Business Planning solution, including Trade Promotion Management and Trade Promotion Optimization (TPM/TPO) which will enable Corby to optimize their business and sales & operations planning processes, to support the company’s growth strategy. Corby Wine & Spirits is a leading manufacturer and distributor of spirits and wine in Canada, representing their own portfolio of brands as well as partner brands such as Pernod-Ricard.

Chris Rice, VP Sales and Marketing N.A. at Exceedra said: “We are very excited to be working with the Corby team to improve their systems and processes. The spirits and wine business is a complex market segment, with many challenges which requires the right solution to be able to address these challenges.”

The Exceedra platform will offer Corby an easy to use tool that integrates process across Sales, Finance, Supply Chain, Demand Planning & Marketing, solving many issues across departments while streamlining and reducing manual effort. This will also provide Corby with the ability to simulate trade promotion scenarios & business plans, and to facilitate improved pre & post promotion analysis, leading to better informed decision making. The more accurate sales plans including the base volume and incremental volume spikes integrated into the demand planning system, will improve the demand forecast, as well as improving their customer relationships with retailers and wholesalers through more timely and accurate information.

Exceedra will help Corby transform our business and prepare for the future changes in the Canadian marketplace”  commented Stephane Cote, Vice President of Sales.

About Corby Spirits & Wine Limited

Corby Wine & Spirits Limited is one of the leading manufacturers / distributors of spirits and imported wines in Canada. Based in Toronto, Corby provides 21% of the Canadian Spirits market with a portfolio of premium, top-selling brands. Their deep commitment to quality, innovation and services has helped the Corby brands become part of traditions and celebrations from coast to coast. Corby is also affiliated with Pernod Ricard S.A., a global leader within the wine & spirits industry.

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