18 Oct EXCEEDRA FORUM OVERVIEW: Integrated Business Planning

Exceedra recently held its Annual Integrated Business Planning (IBP) summit in central London

Over 40 organizations across several industries registered to attend the seminar to discuss the challenges facing businesses while trying to enhance their Sales and Operational Planning (S&OP) process.

Delegates listened to real life experiences from CPG companies Duracell and Vimto along with learnings from leading consultants: Axina Solutions, Blue Glass Consulting, Oxfordsm and Sue Austin Consulting. Presentations throughout the day focused on the main challenges facing Consumer Product companies on the journey to true IBP. Axina & Oxfordsm explored the challenge of getting to ‘one number ‘. The interpretation of ‘one number’ often varies from business to business and they stressed the need for alignment to the number. Don’t over complicate the process and make sure you deploy simplified analytic and modelling capabilities was the message.

Sue Austin covered ‘The 7 Steps for Integrated Business Planning success’ which began by highlighting that many companies are at different levels of maturity in their approach to IBP. All attendees agreed that it was a challenge to get all functions to align on the need for integration across the business. Sue stressed the importance of aligning people, process and technology. There was also a very simple take away that without executive level sponsorship and ongoing leadership IBP projects fail.

The aim of the seminar was to enlighten delegates and to give the chance to share common experiences, mistakes and learnings on how IBP can give structure to a business. All delegates agreed to succeed on your IBP journey you needed change to culture and get executive sponsorship. 

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) unites strategic, financial, sales and operations planning (S&OP) processes. Barriers between operations and finance are broken down to create a unified process allowing consolidated financial reporting with full visibility and collaboration from start to finish. The net result is measurable and sustainable cost reductions and improved ROI. Neil James from Blue Glass Consulting provided a real example of what can be achieved across function and across geography.


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Comments From The Day:

“Very informative & something to take away.”

“Good foundation for the day.”

“Interesting insight into real world use.”

“Great venue & facilities.”

“Good introduction to IBP-very informative.”

“Well structured & organized structure.”

“Really interesting-real world experience.”

“Good to see some critical analysis of IBP in big organization.”