Fact Sheets

AFS Technologies End of Year Newsletter 2019

2019 has been an exceptional and transitional year for AFS Technologies. We have released an 18 page brochure on our achievements and thought leadership work from the past year, this includes: A summary of AFS Technologies, Ignition, Exceedra & Softrax AFS services and support Thought leadership events...

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Exceedra Brochure 2018

Exceedra have had an exceptional year in 2018, growing by over 24% and successfully expanding into APAC.   We have released a 12 page brochure on our achievements and thought leadership work from the past year, this includes: A summary of our events & webinars Trade Revenue...

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Fact Sheet: Exceedra Overview

Right Investment. Right Results. Exceedra is a global solution to the consumer goods sector, delivering business planning and insight capabilities across commercial, financial and supply chain departments....

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Fact Sheet: Customer Business Planning

The demand on commercial teams to deliver improved business performance never ceases in today’s trade environment. Sales teams are poorly equipped and use disparate systems, spreadsheets and data sources which are built for control rather than commercial decision making....

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Fact Sheet: Joint Business Planning

Cost and time effective collaborative planning with insights that maximize opportunities between suppliers and retailers, realizing shared objectives that increase sales, profits and growth....

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Fact Sheet: Integrated Business Planning

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is the process of integrating sales, finance, product supply teams and processes into one planning cycle with insights to drive a close alignment between operational efficiency, agility and strategic business performance....

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Fact Sheet: Integrated Insights

Streamlined and automated process of transforming data into actionable insight: collect, harmonize and distribute external data e.g. POS, syndicated or study data for timely use by functions along the decision making process....

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Fact Sheet: TPM/Optimization

Price and promotion have become a primary driver of sales in the consumer goods industry. This trend has led to the levels of trade promotion spend to rise to 30% of revenue....

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