14 Dec GARTNER PEER INSIGHTS: Exceedra rated 5 stars for TPM

Exceedra have been rated as a 5-star company by our clients on Gartner Peer Insights for Trade Promotion Management: “Excellent close cooperation and the ability to see tangible business benefits. The product now provides us with clear visibility which allows the business review and make the right decisions.”

Exceedra were also given 5-star ratings on their Evaluation & Contracting, Integration & Deployment, Service & Support and Product Capabilities.

“Exceedra worked well with our business team, with open and honest discussions that shaped the project and led to a successful implementation. All discussions were collaborative and faced into the tough realities of moving to a new TPM/TPO system.”

Gartner Peer Insights is a leading research and advisory company. It is the platform for ratings and reviews of enterprise technology solutions by end-user professionals for end-user professionals. For 40 years, Gartner has helped clients make the right decisions and stay ahead of change and together they fuel the future of business so that a more successful world takes shape.

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