Account Planning And Budgeting

Account Planning gives key account managers all the information needed to build and analyze the complete customer P&L. Account managers use our solution to build customer sales plans easily; including pricing, baseline forecasts, promotional activities and all types of funding. Our solution enables the facilitation of scenario management, based on price changes and promotional pricing strategy. Our in-built reporting functionality enables forecast adjustments, what-if scenario management of planned promotions and the assessment of sales at account or sector level.


Budget and Target Setting

The Exceedra solution provides a highly intuitive business planning environment, supporting both long, mid and “day to day” planning. Ideas can be scenario planned in seconds, with budgets and targets set. Our solution allows you to compare budgets and yearly targets with a YTD and YTG comparison. Historical data and analytics are used to drive improved robustness of the plan.



Within large accounts, organizations will produce joint business plans along with large numbers of accounts on annual contracts. Our solution allows the generation of annual contracts and tracking so you can ensure that volumes sold are in line with agreed contracts.   We automate the process, meaning that time previously spent on administration can now be spent selling.


Decision-Ready Reports

Exceedra’s solution provides pre-configured, decision-ready reports, allowing you to start realizing immediate insight. Designed by our experienced retail analysts, these reports are the product of years of client experience in the retail and consumer goods domain.


Demand Forecasting

Our demand forecasting capability enables you to generate more effective and accurate demand forecasts and supply plans in less time, using our scenario planning tool. Our solution facilitates the full integration of sales, finance, supply chain & category; allowing your organization to forecast to one true number.


Demand Planning & Sensing

Exceedra’s demand planning and sensing capability ensures maximum forecast accuracy with minimum effort for your team. Our solution facilitates optimal baselines and uplift predictions, full volume scenario planning, and demand shaping capabilities. Our solution allows you to report and analyze past sales data on a daily/weekly or multi hierarchy basis. It also integrates EPOS data into the forecasting process to optimize short term forecasting.


Demand Signal Repository

Our DSR has been developed to automatically collect POS data information from your customers on a daily or weekly schedule. The data is then harmonized and transformed into useful information and delivered in a consistent format. Our integrated POS reports provide you with the detailed data you need to understand consumer merchandise preferences. Store-level information enables you to optimize assortments by showing you where specific products sell best. It also helps pinpoint where inventory imbalances are occurring and alerts you when sales are having unexpected changes


Executive Board Presentation and Board Packs

We provide the insight that your executive and board teams require to understand how the current plan compares to targets and budget. Providing improved visibility allows decisions to be made faster, with lower risks. We automate customer, market and financial performance through to bottom line outcomes. By integrating planning and insight for all departments that feed to the board, you can present the latest view and recommendations; allowing Executives to focus on the forecasted performance that will drive business rather than look at just historical data.



Our solution facilitates the management of all aspects of handling customer funding within your business. Our funding capability allows you to view and manage all non-promotional investments, rebates, and growth incentives in one place, allowing Commercial Managers to view and control the complete plan.


Insight Discovery and Analytics

Spreadsheets are often the primary solution for managing different data sources, resulting in 80% of people’s time being used to manipulate the data, leaving only 20% being used to gain insight. All too often by the time insights have been gained it is too late for corrective action. Our solution provides a single view of all retail POS data, as well as syndicated data allowing manufacturers and retailers to gain a deep understanding of purchasing behavior, supply chain execution and sales performance. Generate more effective insight via our easy to use guided reporting and integration capabilities. Our solution allows you to automate the collection of data, removing manual downloads and improving productivity. Benefit from our standard best practice reports: on-shelf availability, promotions, inventory management, replenishment, demand planning, new product introductions, run-downs, unsaleable stock, pricing, field sales management, and channel management.


Joint Business Planning

Align the financial, business, category and strategic goals of your business with key customers. JBP ensures that your business maintains competitive advantage, and drives top and bottom line results. Our solutions facilitates the generation, optimization and tracking of joint business plans within a single solution, with fully integrated POS data for further insight and optimization.


KPI Dashboard

Our dashboard reporting function allows you to gain a fast and broad overview of your business. Exceedra’s solution enables you to drill down into retailer scorecards to analyze sales, margin and stock-turns for all your retailers. You can access visual analyses of your KPIs through charts and graphs and gain visibility into key metrics such as same-store sales, margin, stock-turns, sell-through for one or all of your retailers.


Product Portfolio Management

Ensure complete transparency in product development, from development to financing and predictions. Our solution ensures maximized performance and improved value, empowering your business to differentiate your brand from competitors. Through scenario modeling, evaluation and optimization, establish consumer demand for new products, and place your new product development strategically within the market. Integrated insights allow collaboration in management of product portfolios, giving executives access to time scales and financials; allowing complete alignment of strategic goals, options for development, and smooth transition from development to product launch.


Retailer POS integration

POS and category analytics are fully integrated into our solutions, allowing you to simplify your POS reporting process, improve store level analysis, and analyze your KPI’s visually with our dashboard functionality. In turn eliminating time consuming data handling, and adding more value you your retailers


Risk and Opportunities Management

Our solution empowers commercial teams to maintain full visibility of risks and opportunities, allowing the management of example competitor movement and market changes, channel development and NPD. Generate multiple “what if” scenario plans to understand the current forecast and the variance of the forecast and the potential causes.


S&OP Dashboards

Our solution helps organizations to improve their S&OP processes by improving visibility of plans and budgets and giving greater understanding of how plans affect the forecasting P&L. It does this by providing an executive view of the business, consolidating all information from different departments and providing an integrated financial view of the business. This eliminates second guessing and estimating; presenting both Quantitative and Qualitative information to support informed decision-making.


Sales & Operations Planning

S&OP provides a framework for collaborative working across your business, ensuring all teams have visibility of relevant and timely information, thereby increasing productivity and accuracy. Our solution ensures sales, finance, supply chain & category plans are easily accessed, consolidating all information in a form that supports the executive decision making. In today’s fast paced consumer goods industry, forecast sales and supply plans need to be fully synchronized and companies can no longer rely on dated financial and operational plans. We aim to drive step changes in maturity to sales and operational planning by providing a solution framework that can be understood by all in the organization, not just a specialist few.


Sales Collaboration

Our solution integrates departmental functions and processes with POS data straight from retailers, available to be viewed by all departments. This creates a real time view of consumer demand with complete access to detailed information given to all team members, for each role and each process. By integrating POS data into the business planning process, the gap between supply chain and consumer demand is bridged; positively impacting service levels, on shelf availability and company profitability.


Scenario Planning

Our solution facilitates the generation of new plans, targets and budgets, and assesses them using a range of tools and predictive analytics. Timely comparisons of scenarios can be made with budgets and YTD/YTG comparisons and predictive analytics are used to drive a more accurate forecast. Scenarios can be viewed and evaluated before being shared with colleagues or managers for input and final approval. The approval process captures comments and an audit trail of changes. Scenario modeling enables different funding mechanics, levels of support and different store execution options to be assessed, ensuring the best approach is selected for each promotion.


Settlement & Claims

Exceedra facilitates the accurate settlement release of cash into the business for further investment, and once completed, the solution also supports releases and gains. Our fully integrated settlement and claims functionality empowers your business to defend against retailer claims, capturing all the information related to any investment.


Store Level Reporting

Our integrated POS tool automates the process of data collection from major retailers, bringing the data into our DSR. It has pre-defined collectors for retailer web portals, AS2 and data files. The list of retailers we collect from covers the majority of major retailers in the US, UK and European countries. Equally we can collect from a number of syndicated data sources.


Supply Planning

Enable your business to establish the most cost effective process of satisfying requirements in the most profitable manner. Our solution facilitates the optimization of resource allocation and simplifies the supply planning process; balancing resources and constraints, resulting in the enabling of scenario based optimized supply plans.


Syndicated Data Integration

At source, the disparate data sets in the DSR have no relationship to enable analysis. Our solution facilitates the harmonization of data, with an advanced data management layer that creates data harmony, allowing for unified sensing across the repository.


Trade Funds Management

Trade funds are usually created annually, and can be allocated to any given number of products. Our trade funds management capability is fully integrated into our commercial planning solution, meaning that finance and sales departments are always on the same page. Exceedra allows the detailed tracking of all trade spend allocation and monitoring the accrual of funds. Our solution measures forecasted sales and ROI against promotions entered by sales, allowing your business to ensure that trade spend is tightly managed against promotional outcomes.


Trade Promotion Management

It’s estimated that over 40% of CPG companies are using accounting systems or spreadsheets for their trade promotion management, but as the complexity of trade increases, more advanced solutions are required. These systems don’t provide the accurate and timely information needed to fully support trade promotion decisions. TPM solutions are estimated to drive a 20% increase in promotional outcome probability. Our fully integrated TPM solution supports multi-tier approval and allows the optimization of trade promotional spend; integrating multiple data sources such as POS data from retailers or syndicated data. Integration enables the successful execution of promotions and assists in presenting more compelling JBP’s and proposals to retailers.


Trade Promotion Optimization

AMR Research defines TPO as the ability to predict which promotions will work and which won’t, “In essence, optimization takes the human guesswork out of the equation by using algorithms to crunch large volumes of data to provide likely outcomes”. Our solution provides guided workflows and analytics that allow trade promotion performance to be analyzed by all departments. Our fully integrated TPO functionality allows the determination of optimal spend to be modeled within a “what if” scenario basis, ensuring maximum potential for trade spend ROI is achieved.


Volume Planning

Plan and predict the expected sales projections for a given period with Exceedra volume planning. Our solution facilitates the full process of volume planning, from base forecasts and promotion planning through to phasing and cannibalization, ensuring the highest level of forecast accuracy and availability.