18 Jan HIGHLAND SPRING: Selects Exceedra’s IBP Solution with TPM & Demand Planning

Exceedra Software Ltd are pleased to announce that Highland Spring Ltd have selected their Integrated Business Planning solution covering Demand Planning and Trade Promotion Management/Optimization.

Exceedra, provider of Integrated Business Planning Solutions, today announced that leading bottled water company Highland Spring has selected the Exceedra Demand Planning and Trade Promotion (TPx) solution which enables consumer goods companies to enhance the level of collaboration between sales, finance and supply chain. The solution enables companies to increase levels of visibility and streamline business processes. The  ability to model future demand, simulate trade activity, promotion scenarios & business plans and view pre & post promotion analysis drives better informed decision making. Additionally, Exceedra enables companies to enhance their relationships with retailers and wholesalers through more timely and accurate information.

“Exceedra will help Highland Spring achieve their strategic plans and prepare the way for future change in a dynamic and ever-changing marketplace.” commented Karl Donnan, Head of Supply Chain.

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