14 Nov PRESENTATION: Exceedra & The Partnering Group Present at POI

Exceedra presented with The Partnering Group (TPG) at The Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) Summit in Dallas on November 2nd . 

The presentation reviewed the results of a survey completed by over 50 American consumer goods organizations on their ‘Top Challenges in Trade Revenue Management.’ The survey provided insight into the challenges CPG organizations are facing and is one of the most up to date and comprehensive studies in the industry today.

The survey revealed the lowest performance areas in CPG organizations are:

  • Trade Systems pre and post analysis
  • Post event analysis
  • Skill at controlling distribution dated mandates
  • Effective customer terms mandates negotiation
  • Incremental Funding
  • Everyday Price

Of the 17 questions asked, covering topics such as: shopper marketing, customer segmentation/prioritization, incremental funding, trade investment KPIS, etc., there were only two areas over 25% of people felt worked ‘Excellently’ in their organizations. These were;
Timeliness – volume, net sales targets and trade rate budgets are provided to sales at least 4 months prior to the start of the fiscal year
Trade Systems – effectively help maintain the financials around their trade plan.

Post Event Analytics (PEA)

One of the top ranked issues, was Post Event Analysis.  The survey asked if there was a clear internal process for completing and acting upon post event Analysis. 27% responded that their companies were POOR and nearly 2/3rds responded in the bottom half of the scale. This is directly in line with POI’s own research.  

Research and experience showed that process is often an issue here. Many organizations have a fragmented process causing limited to no insights used in the planning process, reducing the ability to drive better plans.


Trade Systems Pre & Post Analysis

Exceedra & TPG asked if organizations’ systems are efficient and effective at helping evaluate trade investment both pre planning & post event analysis. 23% of respondents stated this was POOR, with 70% overall in the bottom half of the scale; clearly this remains an issue for many.

There is a clear desire to improve not only the process but to also to improve the systems supporting it. 

In a white paper, due for release in 2018, Exceedra & The Partnering Group will address the core issues identified and provide actionable advice on how to overcome these Trade Investment challenges. 

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Exceedra & The Partnering Group will be releasing a white paper from the results of their survey entitled
“Top Challenges for Consumer Goods Companies in Trade Revenue Management”, due for release in Q1 of 2018.

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