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As the complexity of the business landscape continues to accelerate, consumer goods companies around the globe seek operational and technical innovations to further boost their operational efficiencies, trim costs, and increase revenues. They increasingly look to a new generation of solutions, built on the latest mobile technology, to give them a performance advantage in this competitive market. 

Further, foreword thinking organizations see a tremendous opportunity to close the loop between the business planning, execution and analysis domains to better align strategic plans to commercial activity, ensuring substantial promotional investments are delivering anticipated results.

What is Exceedra Enterprise RE/DSD?

Developed with many of the world’s leading consumer goods organizations and partner technology firms, Exceedra Enterprise can equip today’s CPG organization with a robust set of tools needed to ensure the field sales, merchandising and delivery processes are focused, efficient and effective. Leveraging the latest-generation technologies on both the mobile and headquarters (HQ) side, it enables your field teams to perform against your organization’s objectives at the highest level possible. Whether you are rolling out a global template, or deploying to a single sales team in a faraway region, with hundreds of deployments in more than 75 countries, you can rest assured that your project will be successful.

What is Exceedra Professional RE?

Have an emerging market, geography, or sales team needing a state-of-the-art field solution for sales and merchandising?  Meet PoP6, the fastest to implement, easiest to use, entry level retail execution solution on the market. In one system you have six great tools: database management, strategic planning, in-store execution, activity monitor/reporting, user connect and knowledge sharing.  Get live fast, do the right things in the field and monitor the success of your strategies.

Retail Execution

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Companies using Exceedra retail execution and DSD solutions reap benefits from the first day of the implementation. Here are some proven results from our current customers:


One solution for the field

  • Improved visibility to store performance and better segmentation
  • Simplify, standardize and globalize in-store processes and capabilities
  • Codify playbooks and best practices
Retail Execution - Drive Operational Savings

Sell more with advance tools

  • Advanced guided selling capabilities leveraging ML and syndicated data
  • Increase your sales volumes up to 15% while reducing out of stocks up to 50% in the first year

Optimize to increase coverage

  • Add at least 1 additional visit or 2 delivery stops per day by optimizing your route execution
  • Allow up to 20% more time in the store by streamlining your visit execution based on granular guided processes
Retail Execution - Execute with Perfect Store

Execute better with Perfect Store

  • Improved visibility to store performance and better segmentation
  • Simplify, standardize and globalize in-store processes and capabilities
  • Codify playbooks and best practices

Execute within Budget

  • Establish a budget for promotions and discounts and allocate it across your store base and your sales force
  • Accurately keep track of your costs of doing business while optimizing the non-productive areas

Drive operational savings

  • Maintain control of your vehicles, expenses, driving routes, store times, to reduce your operational costs up to 20%
  • Instantly synchronize visits, orders, product audits, deliveries with HQ reducing processing time and facilitating a streamlined flow of information to adjacent processes

Facilitate information flow

  • Improved quality of field data, with greatly improved insights
  • Scale and cascade learnings in real-time

Business Impact

  • Rapid implementations from several weeks to a few short months
  • Focus on highest value areas to your organization
Retail Execution - One Solution for the Field

Leverage our unique solution approach

  • Functional depth depth developed with leading CPG organizations, large and small, around the world
  • A highly flexible, configurable platform that allows rapid deployment and configuration without the need for customization

Case Studies

In addition to our reps being up to 3 times more efficient in their visits, we were pleasantly surprised to experience up to a 50% decrease in stock outs against our volume agreements.

By upgrading to Retail Execution from AFS in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the
Czech Republic we have the ability to grow our market share with a solution that
supports our business now and into the foreseeable future

With AFS Retail Execution as part of the Digital Transformation strategy, the sales force will be able to operate more efficiently while the organization will get accurate, up to date information