02 Nov WEBINAR REPLAY: Building a Business Case to Increase TPM Capability

In this webinar, you will learn how to build a successful business case to increase Trade Promotion Management capability within your organization. 

Joann Newman, client success manager at Exceedra, helped to build the business case for trade improvement at ACH Food prior to joining the Exceedra team. Joann will present her first hand experience at ACH Food and will discuss how to; create a ‘burning platform’ for change, identify a vision for a better future and overcome the blockers faced. 

The objective of the session is to ensure:

  • You identify a framework / vision of a desired future state
  • You understand the common challenges faced when proposing change
  • You can identify what resources & skills will be needed to deliver a successful business outcome
  • You have a framework for getting your peers & senior leadership to invest in TPM & Revenue Management capability
  • We provide you with the key steps of building a business case for improved TPM & Revenue Management
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Wednesday, December 12th 2018


2pm EDT


1 hour


Joann Newman, Client Success Manager at Exceedra

Joann is Client Success Manager at Exceedra, where she is responsible for helping customers to maximise the value they can extract from the systems they use. Prior to her time with Exceedra, Joann worked for ACH Food for over 15 years, in various senior = management roles within Sales Operations & Analytics, Joann is a motivated sales leader with a proven record of generating and building cross-functional relationship, leading major projects from concept to completion including; multiple implementations, acquisitions and divestitures. With over 20 years’ experience within CPG organizations, Joann has a deep understanding of the role of trade spending in the consumer products industry and is passionate about data-driven decision making