27 Nov WEBINAR REPLAY: Closing the Cycle – Supporting Retail Execution

Exceedra are excited to be hosting our first Retail Execution webinar: “Closing the cycle – Supporting Retail Execution“. This webinar will be the start of a two part webinar series, followed by “The future of Retail Execution” in March. 

Learn how a joint Retail Execution and TPM solution will help you reduce your software ownership costs while giving you a complete view of your business in a single tool. 

During the session we will:

  • Discuss what is Retail Execution and how it can help grow your revenue
  • Talk more about the value of a join RE/TPM solution
  • How to enable process execution and to obtain insights immediately on the areas in which they work the most
  • Success stories of the global companies using our solution in multiple geographies

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Tuesday, January 14th 


2pm GMT | 3pm GMT+1


1 hour 


Tomasz Kozlowski, Commercial Director EMEA at Exceedra

Tomasz Kozlowski has 15 years experience in IT providing software solution to the Consumer Goods industry. He has been playing role of Business Development Manager for CEE and Account Executive and Senior Project Manager responsible for Tier 1, Tier 2 customers and implementations across the Globe. With a strong technical background and good experience and knowledge captured wide across different continents, Tom provides leadership in different aspects of the business and plays a key role during Tier 1 Implementations and Accounts management. Right now, on a position of Commercial Director responsible for EMEA region.