13 Feb WEBINAR REPLAY: Next Generation Demand Planning for Consumer Goods

Next Generation Demand Planning for Consumer Goods – Moving from S&OP to IBP

This webinar provides actionable insight to CPG demand planners and supply chain practitioners looking to make a real difference to their companies bottom line.

Improving your forecast is one of the best things you can do to improve business performance and even a small increase in forecast accuracy can have a huge effect on your bottom line. If you suspect that your demand planning process could be improved, this is the webinar for you. You’ll discover the powerful insights that improve the accuracy of your demand forecasts, 4 things demand-forecast experts do differently, the secret to slicing and dicing data to create accurate, company-wide demand plans at the right level of detail, and much more.

Topics Covered:

  • Current state of consumer goods demand planning processes and tools
  • Choices that companies have to improve
  • Connections between improved sales planning and the demand forecast
  • Exceedra S&OP to Integrated Business Planning road map
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March 7th, 2018


14:00 EST


1 –  Hour


Richard Nicholas, SVP Sales & Marketing at Exceedra

Richard has worked for major Global Consumer Goods companies for over 15 years such as Gillette (now P&G) and leading software providers. He recognized that Consumer Goods companies were struggling to develop their S&OP/IBP capability. Existing solutions did not easily support integration of Supply Chain Planning with Commercial & Financial Planning at Exceedra. Richard assembled a team of industry consultants and software developers to bring to market the next generation of Integrated Business Planning Solution for the Consumer Goods sector.

Chris Rice, VP Sales & Marketing North America at Exceedra

Chris Rice is a 30+ year CPG industry veteran with extensive experience in sales and marketing from a manufacturer and solution provider perspective. This experience come from varying roles at IBM DemandTec, Information Resources Inc., CAS and Quaker Oats Company. Expertise areas include TPM, TPO, Post Event Analysis, strategic trade and marketing planning, shopper insights, and retail execution. Chris has helped many clients make improvements to their trade planning processes and systems.

Chris is a graduate of the Kenan-Flager Business School at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.