13 Mar COMPANY UPDATE: COVID-19 AFS Company Update

At AFS Technologies, the health and safety of our employees, as well as our customers and partners, is of primary concern and we are monitoring the COVID-19 situation very closely.

As a global technology company, we believe it is our responsibility to take action and reduce the risk of transmission as much as we possibly can. Therefore, due to the growing caution related to the transmission of COVID-19, we have banned all company-sponsored travel and will be cancelling face to face meetings and events. From March 18th, all employees in the Americas, Europe, and Australia will be working remotely until further notice. Our colleagues in Asia are a few months ahead of the rest of the world and have already demonstrated resilience and dedicationduring this difficult time.

We have put in place, a robust communication strategy and made sure every employee has thetools and resources they need to be as productive as usual while they are working from home. Wehave also ensured that data protection compliance remains front of mind independently of theworking location.

As a business, we pride ourselves on being responsive and creative during challenging times and we are committed to supporting our customers’ business operations seamlessly. We are deploying a global strategy that allows the team across our locations to efficiently coordinate the delivery of our services and support, limiting any impact this health event could have on the high quality of service AFS Technologies will continue to provide. We are also working closely with our providersto make sure they have adequate response plans in place and are offering the same level ofcommitment.

We are aware the situation is changing daily and we are ready to actively respond to an increase inseverity. Our priority is for our global team to be united, committed and, most importantly, to stay safe.

If you have any concerns, please reach out to a member of the AFS team or send an email to: [email protected]

We wish all of our customers, partners, and employees good health at this difficult time.