White Castle


The Exceedra Professional team is very excited to announce that White Castle is officially Live’ on Exceedra PRO, utilizing our Promotion and Planning modules software features


The White Castle company dates all the way back to 1921 as the first fast food hamburger chain in the world. Since their start, they have been setting precedents for fast food chains worldwide. In 1927, they invented the “carry-out” concept. In 1947, they added the iconic 5 holes to their burgers, helping to cook the patties faster. By 1961, White Castle had sold 1 billion hamburgers. The hamburger sliders hit grocery freezers across the country in 1987 and has almost 100 years of continued history and expansion under their belt.

White Castle


White Castle was already an Ignition by AFS ERP and WMS customer, and this is the first time that we have been able to expand our product portfolio with an existing Ignition client by implementing Exceedra PRO.

The project formally started on October 1, 2019. The White Castle team was very enthusiastic to begin the implementation, with the request to be live on Phase I Promotion Planning in January. This was an aggressive timeline but White Castle needed to move fast. Exceedra was committed to achieving this major milestone.

Working closely together, the Ignition and Exceedra teams developed all the required data files for Phase I ahead of schedule. This was a significant achievement as it was the first integration from ERP to the Exceedra TPM solution. We were able to get White Castle live in less than 4 months!

Although Tiffany Carreker, the Executive Sponsor from White Castle/GM and VP of Sales, was skeptical we could meet this date, her and her team were astonished at what we were able to complete.

Our implementation of Exceedra has been great! Pam has been phenomenal (and very patient with me) in my MANY questions and helping to explain. I also appreciate and value the best practices discussions and providing feedback to change our current processes. Char has done an excellent job facilitating the weekly meetings and keeping us on track. Additionally, I think it was a HUGE benefit having ERP and TPM with the same company. It made the integration/implementation process much smoother.


During the Executive Steering Committee meeting at the end of January, Exceedra received positive feedback on our knowledge of the industry and application, and how we have provided our best practice approach throughout this implementation. White Castle recognized how experienced our project team is and trusted in our ability to get them across the finish line.

Our knowledge of the industry helped them make the right decisions for their business. The experience of the ERP Team guided them through some required major data cleanup. And we provided the data in the required formats within the required time to keep everyone on track. White Castle praised Exceedra’s implementation methodology, noting the weekly status calls and monthly Steercos as highly beneficial in providing total transparency.

I have been really impressed with the weekly calls and how well they have kept us on task.  Pam and Char have been amazing to work with and I would highly recommend Exceedra to my counterparts looking for a TPM solution. – Amber Cohan, Trade Marketing Manager

Training has been officially completed for the White Castle users. There have been over 100 promotions entered in production as we provide White Castle with HyperCare support for Phase I activities. We will now be shifting our focus to Phase II where we have already started testing validation of deduction reconciliation and check request processing.

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