Company Overview

Global Integrated Business Planning

Exceedra Global Integrated Business Planning Map
Over the last two decades, Exceedra have grown from a small integrated business planning company, operating primarily in the UK to an award-winning, multi-national organization. Exceedra utilizes optimization analysis tools, bringing IBP solutions to CPG consumers around the globe.


We are committed to driving value for our consumer goods clients globally, by integrating business planning and optimization analysis to improve the overall performance in trade promotion management for CPG companies. We believe that happy customers build business, which is evident in everything we do.


The Prologue

Former Mars executive David Griffiths started Cube Software. Based outside of London, UK, Cube Software quickly became a market leader in the Demand and Supply Planning industry. Some of the first clients that Griffiths signed, still use the company’s software today.

The Story of Success

Over the next two decades, Cube Software solutions spanned the globe and the company began building an impressive list of respected clients, including Pirelli, Heineken, Kraft, Alberto Culver and American Standard.

A New Beginning

Cube Software became Exceedra under the guidance from a new management team. Exceedra shifted its focus to develop the commercial planning part of the process to complement the supply & demand planning solutions to provide a truly integrated business planning solution including trade promotion management.


Microsoft selected Exceedra to join the exclusive BizSpark One program. Open to only 20 companies globally at any one time, Exceedra’s inclusion in this program was based on the company’s strong growth and vision to shape the future of the industry.

Sponsor & member of POI

The Promotion Optimization Institute, LLC (POI) brings together manufacturers, retailers, solution providers, analysts, academics and other industry leaders. Members of POI share practices that are cross-functional in both structured and through industry alliances.

Recognized by Gartner

A 2014 Gartner Report states “Exceedra will become a global player in the next 12-24 months.

Exceedra North America

Exceedra Inc was formed as the North American subsidiary, based in Charlotte, North Carolina. New US based management team brought in to build the business.

Exceedra APAC

Exceedra opened their APAC office, based in Perth, Australia. New APAC management team brought in to build the business.

AFS & Exceedra Merge

AFS Technologies (AFS) and Exceedra announced the merger of their business operations.