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Exceedra receives Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) ‘Trade Promotion Best-in-Class’ Accolade.

In August 2016, The Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) released the Trade Promotion Panorama and Named the ‘Best-in-Class’ Vendors for 2016. Exceedra have been included in this esteemed list and received a distinction as ‘POI Best-in-Class for Financial Orientation/Simulation.’

The TPx Panorama report identified the vendors they recognized as helping retailers and consumer goods executives manage their trade promotions more effectively. Within this category, Exceedra stood out for their ability to leverage S&OP requirements and their adjacent offerings of POS data management/cleansing and demand planning tools.

Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) identified one of the key differentiating factors for Exceedra, as the strong presence the company has in both Europe & North America. There are few other vendors of Exceedra’s size with the same TPx/S&OP footprint, including the ability to create baselines in two, very key markets.

The report said “We see Exceedra becoming a global player…it has a focused strategy, speaks the business (as opposed to technology) language in selling situations and has good client references.”

If you are seeking quality in both TPM & TPO as an integrated, yet modular, proposition, have global intentions and often look at promotions from a financial perspective, the Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) are recommending Exceedra.

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