Revenue Solutions Services

Tailored Revenue Solutions To Support Your Improvement Journey

There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to effective Trade Promotion Management and integrated business planning. Every client is unique and requires the right revenue solutions and services to meet their requirements. Exceedra services provide client-configured solutions that include a full spectrum of capabilities to ensure your project runs smoothly from conception through on-going support.
Our consultants work with you to understand your organization,
environment, processes,challenges, objectives and vision. These
discovery conversations allow the Exceedra team to develop a high-level
understanding of the project scope. The team will continue the dialog
throughout the sales and implementation cycle and share best-practice
perspectives that shape and refine the project so the final solution will
meet your specific needs.
After the discovery process, our consults can help you understand
and define the project ROI or build the business case to ensure your
business challenges are articulated and the solution aligns with
these challenges to improve your business operations.
The Exceedra implementation methodology follows an Industry
standard approach to guide your project from beginning to end.
Our consultants bring a wealth of industry expertise and project
experience to help guide you through the process and make
your project successful.
One year after final implementation, the Exceedra team will review
the project with you to confirm the results defined in the business
case have been met. This exercise allows us to review the roadmap
and readiness of your organization and discuss possible changes,
enhancements or new modules. At this time, we will also review the
Exceedra Development Plan to share on-going advancements made
to the solution based on the solution strategy. This allows us to make
sure the solution continues to meet your expectations and still
aligns with the project vision.


As a part of your solution implementation, Exceedra will design a
solution roadmap that defines how your system can grow with your
organization. Our modular deployment methodology allows us to design
a solution to meet your current needs while offering a wide breadth
of planning, analytics and optimization options that can be integrated as
your organization matures in your integrated business planning journey.
This phased approach provides immediate ROI for your organization
while offering a more manageable total cost of ownership.
Our expert consultants draw on rich industry and project experience so we can understand your business and guide you to best-practice integrated business planning and revenue management.




Exceedra consultants came alongside Weetabix two years into a maturity and excellence journey. In order to provide the right system, our consultants devoted the initial six months of the project working side-by-side with the Weetabix commercial team to understand and accurately define organizational needs, expectations and goals. With our revenue solutions, the final result was a system that introduced new efficiencies and effectiveness to Weetabix’s trade promotion activities and optimized ROI and profits.


The Exceedra implementation methodology follows an Industry standard approach to guide your project from beginning to end. Our consultants bring a wealth of industry expertise and project experience to help guide you through the process.
We follow proven best practice CPG processes and will challenge your team to ensure a holistic solution is considered. This helps ensure that your project stays on track while helping to define a phased roadmap.
This approach provides immediate value by increasing user adoption while defining opportunities to phase in additional capabilities and advanced functionality as your organization and processes maturity.
Revenue Solutions


Integration & Data Management
Exceedra offers a full range of capabilities and integration methods to support our implementations. Our technicians have integrated Exceedra solutions with many legacy ERP systems, including SAP, Oracle and Microsoft. We provide on-going data management, including external data sources, such as syndicated data, retailer POS, wholesaler data and other 3rd-party sources that enhance customer planning and analysis.
Workflow & Approvals
Exceedra provides configurable workflow and approval options to support your processes across annual planning, sales execution, settlement and the S&OP process.
Validation Engine & Business Rules
The Exceedra validation engine helps you configure your business rules so your desired controls provide the checks and balances needed to improve data, processes and reporting.
Science & Calculation Engine
The Exceedra calculation engine provides the support you need to manage calculations throughout the solution. Our open-science approach allows you to take advantage of our algorithms and optimization capabilities or leverage the science from existing modeling or consulting partners.