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White Paper: CBP – The Right Stuff

An increasing number of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies worldwide are turning their attention to trade improvements as a way to bolster the bottom line. If improved trade effectiveness and better forecasting are in your sights, then Customer Planning needs to be the launching pad. Customer...

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CGT IQ Report: Trade Promotional Spend

In this inaugural IQ report, CGT looks at technology-related initiatives that help consumer goods companies better manage trade and promotional spend, ensuring that the implementation doesn't ignore the critical phases of user adoption and change management....

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Trade Planning White Paper
White Paper: Trade Planning Bill Of “Rights”

The purpose of this Trade Planning Bill of “Rights” is to declare that there is a “right” way to implement TPM to establish the foundation and principles of Integrated Business Planning (IBP). By applying the “rights” of trade planning, your company can improve trade planning...

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White Paper: Framework for TPO

In the super-competitive consumer goods marketplace, profitable trade promotions require the right framework and the right tools. Today, though the economy may be making a come-back, disposable income is still in short supply and there is incredible price transparency across channels. The goal is to...

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White Paper: Revenue Management

The global retail environment today is evolving at a rapid rate. Shoppers have become savvier and more sophisticated, while organizations (retailers and manufacturers) are scrambling to innovate and battling just to stay in the game. The Consumer Goods industry is getting more complicated with the...

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White Paper: IBP Success

Today’s consumers have it all, with more choice at lower prices resulting from the explosion of the internet and increasing retailer sophistication. Brand loyalty is no longer the norm, with two thirds of millennials likely to switch brands if they can buy a similar product...

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White Paper: Trade Revenue Management

There are various headwinds which are forcing manufacturers to sharpen their ability to understand every penny that is being spent with retailers. Not just above the net sales line, but below the line where retailers are starting to make demands.   CPG companies are facing challenges that...

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White Paper: Managing Risk in a Time of Uncertainty

The Gap Partnership & Exceedra discussed how Covid-19 is affecting the consumer goods market The global retail environment today is changing rapidly due to the effects of Covid-19. The consumer goods industry is one of many markets that has had to adapt to the current crisis....

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